Strategic interventions aimed at elevating the OGSE industry technological competitiveness, innovation, and R&D values.

Technology development recommendations

Applied R&D centres to bridge academia and industry

Applied R&D centers seeks to bridge the gap by collating university outputs and industry pain points, subsequently identifying R&D opportunities to connect university outputs with industry research objectives. The center would communicate relevant opportunities to the industry, promote funding and support, analyse academic outcomes to lessen industry issues.

R&D apprenticeship programme

Institutionalise all existing apprenticeship programmes in an effort to ensure widespread industry adoption regardless of business cycles, as well as linkages to any employee retention incentives provided.

Secondment of local talent to foreign R&D centres

Promotes a better understanding of the R&D culture and repatriation to the local R&D scene. Foreign R&D centres alleviate the lack of R&D culture by tapping into the stronger R&D ecosystems available in other countries while giving time for the local R&D ecosystem to grow.

Tech adoption financing, tax deductions, and tariff waivers

Intended for businesses that are actively developing new technologies and actively adopting local technology. Designed to encourage and strengthen demand for emerging local OGSE technologies and import promising foreign OGSE technologies into Malaysia for local inventors to utilise and develop further.

Overseas researcher outreach programme

Allow industry players to find R&D and highly skilled foreign nationals or foreign-based Malaysians talent more efficiently and effectively, while also expanding the overall capability of local OGSE players and the local talent pool.

In-shoring of R&D activities and high-value manufacturing from MNCs

Measures to improve local R&D outputs, which will spur innovation and increase the population of local talents in high-value manufacturing and engineering R&D

OGSE Intellectual Property (IP) marketplace

An IP marketplace initiative that promotes R&D, technology development, and technology acquisition spending; elevating Malaysia’s presence as an OGSE powerhouse; attracting further investment into Malaysia’s OGSE ecosystem and elevating local OGSE tech leaders.