Developing talents for the OGSE industry through extensive interventions and cohesive efforts


The oil and gas industry will continue to play a role in global energy production for the foreseeable future – as the world’s population increases and developing economies expand, so does energy demand.  Companies wishing to capitalise on the expansion of the oil and gas industry will keep embracing innovation, developing specialised technology, and most importantly, hiring, producing, and retaining skilled employees to boost their competitive position and ensure their long-term viability.


The talent initiatives are designed to keep a strong pool of competent local OGSE talent to assist OGSE industry in continuously keeping highly skilled workers, especially during volatile times. Consolidated initiatives will be realised in collaboration with various partners and stakeholders towards realising the availability of 60,000 skilled and semi-skilled OGSE talents by 2030.

An initiative that support OGSE players to effectively retain highly skilled talent during volatile times and aims to alleviate the impact of permanent talent loss and subsequent expertise loss in the OGSE industry to other industries.

OGSE Career Promotion

Encourage the OGSE sector to retain valuable talent by emphasising advocacy of the oil and gas industry’s prospects and aspirations toward facilitating career and skill-set choices, as well as training and development of the existing OGSE workforce through continuous learning and relevant certifications.

Expansion of Engineering Courses

Designed to equip and attract future talent for a larger energy industry by continuing to develop more diverse, comprehensive and up-to-date learning modules and materials.

Expert Mentorship from ex-OGSE Talents

Enabling the OGSE industry to conserve integral competencies and fill openings in highly skilled positions through activities that encourage mentorship of previous OGSE talents.

Opportunities For All

OGSE Employers
  • Access to future employees
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  • Access to future employers
  • Upskilling/ Reskilling Programme
  • Other programmes/ initiatives
Strategic Partnerships
  • Collaboration Programme