Contact Information

ZAR provides the best engineering solutions and professional talents to various industries in Malaysia. Managed by personnel well experienced in engineering and talent management, we strive to provide reliable and quality services utilizing local and international resources. Our innovative products and in-house services capabilities, supported by our local and foreign strategic partners further enhance our strength, quality and price competitive.

Core Business

Our major services are as below:

  1. Sewage Treatment System
  2. Hypochlorination System
  3. Oily water separator
  4. Tank Cleaning services, pumping services, sludge removal, and disposal services
  5. Blasting and painting services

ZAR is also the appointed agent for the following products and services:

  1. Sewage Treatment System – De Nora Water Technologies LLC, Italy.
  2. Hyperchlorination System – De Nora Water Technologies LLC, Italy
  3. Supavac Vacuum Loading Sludge and Slurry Pump – Poche Engineering Pte Ltd, Australia
  4. Edwards Liquid Ring vacuum pumps – Glovac Sdn Bhd


Accreditation and Certification

Certification Type Application Date of Awarded
HSE Award Zero Lost Time Injury (LTI) 2022
PLWS Runner up for SME Business 2018

Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
MALAYSIA ATT Tg Bin Manpower, Equipment, Tools and Consumables for Tank Cleaning 2022
MALAYSIA Cenviro Supply of manpower and equipment for demolition/cutting and packing of GRE scheduled waste material 2022
MALAYSIA MDPC Provision of manpower and equipment for desanding and cleaning from three units of crude oil tanks, 3W3C 2021
MALAYSIA MVOT Provision of Manpower, Equipment and Consumables for Water Ballast Tank Cleaning on FSO Orkid 2021
MALAYSIA Satumarin Manpower Supply for West Vigilant Jack up Rig 2021