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Streamlined has been a long-standing provider of project management consultancy in (EPCIC) and offshore/onshore asset decommissioning, as well as operation and maintenance services for offshore structures and floaters in the oil and gas industry. Equipped with a digitalization data-driven approach, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your assets, leveraging our extensive experience and expertise.

Streamlined Key Services:

  1. Reliable Maintenance: Streamlined offers routine inspections, preventative maintenance, and intricate repairs to ensure optimal operation of your structures and floaters.


  1. Precision Engineering: Whether you require new fabrication projects, topside or underwater inspections, our team of experienced engineers delivers customized solutions with meticulous attention to detail.


  1. Responsible Decommissioning: When the time comes, Streamlined expertly manages the decommissioning process while adhering to environmental regulations.


  1. Data-Driven Insights: Our digitalization tools provide real-time data and insights, empowering you to make informed decisions for enhanced performance and safety.


  1. Quality Commitment: At Streamlined, we wholeheartedly focus on providing high-quality services tailored to your unique requirements and expectations. Our team of experienced professionals is unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Feel free to reach out to Streamlined today to explore how they can contribute to your smooth and successful offshore operations.


  1. Commitment to Quality: Streamlined is dedicated to delivering high-quality services that meet your specific needs and expectations. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.



Accreditation and Certification

Certification Type Application Date of Awarded
Petronas License 17 January 2024
ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Systems 30 December 2022
ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management Systems 30 December 2022

Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
Malaysia MALAYSIA MARINE AND HEAVY ENGINEERING SDN BHD Provision of Digital Reporting, Drone Operation and Training, Videography and Photography Services for CPOC Project 2023
Malaysia E&P O&M SERVICES SDN BHD Provision of manpower and spare parts for troubleshooting and commissioning on oil in water analyzer (AIT 2460) for FPSO MTC LEDANG (JITANG FIELD) 2022
Malaysia CARIMIN ENGINEERING SERVICES SDN BHD CFIP/068C/002: To Supply and Deliver Power Cable for Edg at Tiong A 2022
Malaysia OROGENIC GEOEXPRO SDN BHD Provision Of Marine Controller (MC) For Infill Drilling Campaign for Petrofac Malaysia Limited 2021
TURKMENISTAN PETRONAS CARIGALI (TURKMENISTAN) SDN BHD/DAYANG ENTERPRISE SDN BHD/GUJURLY INZENER Provision of Service, Repair, Maintenance, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning of Jacking System for MOPU Saparmyrat Turkmenbashi Decommissioning Project 2020