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Founded in 1974, Sealink started its core marine business in the timber industry operating landing crafts, tugs and barges. Over the years, Sealink diversified into ship building and marine operations in the offshore oil and gas industry. Sealink’s principal business activities today are:

  • Construction of marine vessels
  • Charter and operations of vessels
  • Repair, fabrication and conversions

With an excess of 40 years’ experience in ship operations, Sealink is able to provide services in many aspects of marine operations presently including:

  • Anchor handling
  • Utility/Tug/Supply
  • Towage services
  • Offshore pipe/Machinery/Equipment transportation
  • Seismic support
  • Assistance in offshore drilling/production operations

Sealink’s fleet operations and business network have expanded over the years to more than 20 countries in 6 continents.

Sealink’s strengths & advantages include the following:

  • Integrated service provider
  • Skilled and experience human resources
  • Established reputation and proven track record
  • Economies of scale

Core Business

Sealink's Shipyard has also constructed safety standby vessels, anchor handling tug and supply vessels, tug boats, barges, seismic support vessels, landing crafts, multipurpose vessels, straights supply vessels.


Accreditation and Certification

Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
MALAYSIA Hurricane Geo Inspection Survey Provision of Survey Vessel 2022-2024
MALAYSIA JX NIPPON Provision of Utility vessel 2020-2024
MALAYSIA PETRONAS Provision of Anchor Handling Tug Supply 2022
MALAYSIA SAPURA Provision of Utility Vessel 2022
VIETNAM Asia Investment and Asset Management Joint Stock Company Provision of Supply Vessel 2019-2023