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Protankgrup is a collection of specialized boutique companies that focus on fluid handling, offshore containerizations, fluid packaging, fluid measurement, control, and simulations.

Our primary area of expertise is aviation fuelling, and we have extensive experience in all aspects of aviation refueling, including aerial, ground, offshore, and naval refueling, making us difficult to match in the industry.

We offer both customized and standard manufactured products and maintain a team of engineers and designers with cutting-edge software. We have allocated dedicated space on the production floor for the fabrication and testing of new products, enabling us to offer short time-to-market with in-house design and prototyping capabilities. This speed, agility, and flexibility to customize set us apart from competitors, which is vital to many customers.

Additionally, our rental and leasing team leads the backbone of the whole operation, providing rental services within the oilfield services and water industries. We are mainly located in the ASEAN region, including Singapore, Jakarta, Songkhla, Ranong, Rayong, Kemaman, Labuan, and Bintulu.

Our products have been designed and manufactured to meet internationally accepted standards, and they can be DNV/ABS/BV or Class certified and meet the European CE standard. We understand the aviation industry’s expectations, demands, and challenges, which is an unforgiving industry where integrity can never be compromised.


Accreditation and Certification

Certification Type Application Date of Awarded
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System 31 December 2021

Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
South Korea HD Hyundai Heavy Industries SHWE Phase 3: Supply of T11 Tote Tanks 2022
Malaysia Mubadala Energy Work Scope: Supply of Jet A-1 and Inspection Service for Pegaga CPP Helicopter Refueling System 2021
Malaysia Sapura Energy Berhad Project: North Malay Basin Project EPCC + “1” full field development phase 4A facilities. 2021
Brazil SBM Offshore Project: Mero 2 Sepetiba FPSO Work Scope: Supply of one (1) unit of Helicopter Refueling System for Petrobras 2020