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Malgaz Industries Sdn Bhd was established as a wholly Bumiputera Malaysian corporation. We reflect the ideals and spirit of Vision 2020. Vision 2020 is our former Prime Minister’s endeavor to plan for Malaysia’s future between 1990 and 2020. From the perspective of becoming a developed nation, we should seek to be among the world’s leading nations in terms of economic development, citizen welfare, and innovation.

We strive to establish a competent regionally based company, with the assistance of both local and international partners and experts.

Our primary goal is to provide cutting-edge, fit for future products and services to the numerous business verticals in which we participate.

Our attention to detail, safety and quality of our work, as well as getting the job done correctly the first time, are essential to our organization’s longevity. We deliver services that are dependable and accountable for the growth and satisfaction of our customers. Customer satisfaction is vital and non-negotiable.

As Malgas Industries expands, it will guarantee that its business objectives and corporate social responsibility goals remain aligned.


Accreditation and Certification

Certification Type Application Date of Awarded
Good Distribution Practice of Medical Devices GDPMD‐SIRIM 2022
Medical Device Authority License MDA‐4031‐WD122 2022
SME Corp SME Status 2022
Ministry of Finance MOF 357‐0002332076 2021

Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
MALAYSIA NATIONAL BLOOD CENTRE Term Contract Supply and Delivery of Liquid Nitrogen to National Blood Centre 2022
MALAYSIA DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY PERAK Term Contract Supply and Delivery of Purified Gases to Department of Chemistry, Perak 2021
MALAYSIA MRCSB Term Contract for Supply, Delivery, Rental and Installation Service of Industrial, Purified and Certified Gases To MRCSB 2020
MALAYSIA PENGERANG POWER SDN BHD Term Contract for Supply and Delivery of Mixture an Associated Gaseous to Pengerang Power Sdn Bhd 2020
MALAYSIA PETRONAS CHEMICALS ISONONANOL SDN BHD Term Contract for Supply and Delivery of Mixture an Associated Gaseous to Isononanol 2020