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IACS International is a versatile business consultancy focused on bridging businesses with global opportunities, particularly in the oil and gas, renewable energy, and greentech sectors. Born from a rich mix of corporate expertise across various industries, IACS has forged key strategic partnerships with government agencies and corporations, especially in the UAE and Malaysia. Our mission is to facilitate growth and success by connecting businesses with the right global opportunities, striving to be a leading consultancy in the complex global market.

Our services are tailored to the unique challenges of international business, offering strategic business networking to ensure beneficial and aligned partnerships. IACS also specializes in business matching, project management and corporate setup advisory, helping businesses efficiently establish themselves in new markets. Our project management skills are notably applied in oil and gas, renewable energy, and greentech, among other sectors. Additionally, we conduct tailored business match and trade missions to streamline market entry processes. This comprehensive suite of services positions IACS International as a significant player in global business consultancy, particularly in the sectors of oil and gas, renewable energy, and Greentech.


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Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
UAE Petronas UAE Business Matching 2023
UAE Geomodl International Reservoir Allocation Project 2023
UAE Society of Petroleum Engineers Northern Emirates Section Technical events facilitation and Monthly Golf Business Social Networking 2023
Malaysia Reservoir Link Energy Bhd Business Matching 2022
Malaysia Petro Flanges & Fittings Sdn Bhd Business Matching 2022