Contact Information

Geodelta Systems Sdn Bhd (Geodelta) was established in 2006, a 100% Malaysian_Sabahan owned Bumiputra company. Geodelta started business as an As built 3D Laser Scanning services provider in the Oil and Gas industry and environmental facilities.

Core Business

To further enhance our 3D Laser Scanning, Semi Intelligent and intelligent Modelling offering, Geodelta is now poised to take another great leap forward, as we position our company to engage in the following

FEED Studies

• Conceptual Design

• Basis for Design

• Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies

• 3D laser scanning / Mopdeling / Engineering Drawings

• Building information Modeling Level 2 (LOD 200/LOD 300/LOD 400/LOD 500)

• FEA and CFD • Flow Assurance Studies

• Operating and Maintenance Philosophies

• Plans/Layouts

• Utilities Design

• Safety Workshops (i.e. HAZID ,HAZOP)

Typical design engineering capability

• Process

• Instrumentation and Telecommunications

• Mechanical & Piping

• Electrical &HVAC

• Pipeline

• Civil & Structural

• Safety and Environmental Studies

• Pipe stress services and training

Product based supplies

• Flow meter

• Pressure, temperature and level transmitter & Gauges

• Controller


Accreditation and Certification

Certification Type Application Date of Awarded
SPANS Sabah Bumi Status 5 April 2022
Ministry of Entrepreneurs Development and Cooperatives (PUSAT KHIDMAT KONTRAKTOR (PKK) STB 27 December 2021
CIDB G6 17 November 2021
MSC Pioneer Status 15 December 2016

Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
MALAYSIA Jiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower Co Ltd MEG Piping & Olefin Piping 2021/2022
MALAYSIA Vestigo Petroleum SB Provision of Berantai-Andra Export Gas Pipeline Flow Assurance Study 2021
MALAYSIA CPOC Facility Modifications Projects Engineering Package #4 2021
MALAYSIA BASF / Petra Resources / Zelig BASF B137 2019
MALAYSIA PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd Procurement of Sensor based Corrosion Monitoring Systems for D21 Simultaneous Production Drilling (SIPROD) 2017