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Gati Petrochem E&A Sdn Bhd is a private limited company which was incorporated in Malaysia on 23 April 2007.

With good pre and post sales services, GATI has now prepared to prove its progressiveness from obtained experience and expertise of its staff in dealing with the major industries. Also, safety has always been our concern and the products we carry are mainly safety products and we strive to educate our customers on this, by means of presentations and seminars.

Our core business and the main focus are to provide maintenance and commissioning with a view to give maximum satisfaction to customers, sales, and after-sales services as well as giving total support and solutions to various industries.

The list of our products are Protego, Fike, Gosco, Arta, EV Metavaerk, Alma, Vinco, etc.

Core Business

Core Business
  • Fire Detection & Protection System
  • Pressure Instruments
  • Pressure Relief Device
  • Safety Relief Valves
  • Vacuum/Breather Valves
  • Valves
  • Vent System
  • Actuated Valves
  • Engineering Commissioning Services


Accreditation and Certification

Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
Malaysia VME Companies Kakinada - Supply flame arrester, pressure vacuum relief valve 2021
Malaysia MMHE Kasawari Project CPP - Supply of Flame Arrestor 2020
Malaysia Sapura Energy Kinarut Project - Supply of flame arrestor 2020
Malaysia Aliran Luas PTTEP Project – Supply rupture dics 2020 Equipment and Materials Malaysia Paxamax - Exxon Mobil Gun 2020
Malaysia Paxamax - Exxon Mobil Guntung A Project - Supply rupture dics 2020