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Faazmiar Technology Sdn Bhd was incorporated with the objective of providing solutions, technologies, and technical services to the oil and gas industry in Malaysia. The company brings specialized knowledge with extensive experience in deploying oil and gas technologies, mainly in the upstream sector.

The company envisions bringing multiple benefits to oil and gas operators for cost-saving, increasing production output, and becoming more efficient with the solutions supplied by our established, innovative and globally-present partners. We are well-versed in the implementation of remote monitoring, integrated operations, digital oilfields solutions, 3D Visualization of E & P data, Plant Information, and Advanced Data & Process Optimization systems. These technologies can improve upstream operations i.e., Subsurface, Drilling, and Production, as well as enhance engineering design and reduce NPT.

We intend to become one of the significant players or service providers in the segment of software, IT services, and solutions for upstream oil and gas. Our priority goal is to always deliver excellent support services, not only to oil and gas operators but also to major service providers in the sector. The company will continuously search and identify new technologies that can contribute considerably to the upstream oil and gas sector especially in achieving noteworthier efficiency and effectiveness.


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Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
Malaysia PETRONAS Provision of Wells Sigma Solution 2020
Malaysia PETRONAS, SHELL & REPSOL Provision of Technical Limit Drilling Benchmarking solution 2019
Malaysia PETRONAS Provision of Wells Augmented Stuck Pipe (WASP) Indicator 2019
Malaysia PETRONAS Provision of Wells Sigma Solution 2019
Malaysia PETRONAS Provision of Wells Real Time Center Services 2016