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Control Union Industrial Inspections provides testing and certifying services to the global players in the oil and gas industry. With specialist knowledge, years of experience and special testing equipment we are a reliable partner for the inspection, testing and certification of all types of equipment. All worldwide office are certified according to ISO9001 and OHSAS18001, which ensures the identical and high quality of work around the globe. As part of a world-wide privately owned group active in over 75 countries and dedicated offices in the major oil & gas regions, we are a flexible and independent partner and ready to go where you are. We have our own Level 3 which certified in UT and MT. We also have few Level 2 with certified in VT, UT, MPI, DPI, PMI and PAUT.

Our reporting and certificate system is designed to meet the demands of your operation. This can consist of specific tagging or numbering and reports sorted on equipment, departments or your customers. Our online certificate portal gives you instant access to all your certificates, including full history and extensive search and export options. Reporting formats are aimed to give you a quick but complete overview of our findings. By means of our years of experience we also make recommendations to use your equipment more safely and efficient, which reduces incidents and increases life span of your equipment. Our Malaysian Operations brochure is attached.


Accreditation and Certification

Certification Type Application Date of Awarded
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems 2021
ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems 2021

Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
Malaysia Boiler Master Dye Penetrant test 2022
Malaysia RWNA Engineering Sdn Bhd Dye Penetrant test 2022
Malaysia Total Marine Technology Lifting Gear Inspection (LGI) survey, Personal fall protection equipment (PFPE), Drilling and Handling Tools Inspection and ROV Inspection 2017
Malaysia Uzma Engineering Visual & NDT, Drilling & Handling Tools Inspection & RIG inspection 2017
Malaysia Altus Oil & Gas Malaysia / Swire Lifting gears inspection (LGI), Visual & NDT, and offshore container inspection 2017