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3J is an oilfield products and services firm. It partners with product and service originators to bring differentiated technologies to upstream E&P firms across the Asia Pacific. 3J was founded by a group of experienced oilfield services and logistics professionals with both local and global experience who are able to leverage their networks to engage with upstream E&P.

3J Key Initiatives:

  • 3J recently completed operating 6 x 1500 sq ft DE Filtration Units to support UZMA Sdn Bhd for Pan-Malaysia Fluids Umbrella Contract – PTTEP
  • 3J Guardian corrosion prevention
    – Currently working under a 2 year + 1 for asset preservation in Malaysia
    – Development of gelled NPRR (3J Fe3+)
  • 3J has geographic partnerships for market entries into Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam for its product portfolio
  • 3J has entered into an agreement with TBSB to bring 25 different services (listed on the next
    slide) to their shore base.
  • Drilling and Completion of Fluids Services and Products.
  • Anti-Slip Plates


Accreditation and Certification

Certification Type Application Date of Awarded
PETRONAS License 7 September 2020

Key Clients Projects

Country Clients Project Name and Summary of Work Space Year
Malaysia Hess Exploration and Production Malaysia B.V Supply of Material Preservation Services for Drilling and Completion Programs 2021
Malaysia PTTEP Sabah Oil Limited Provision of Filtration Equipment and Services 2021
Malaysia Uzma Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Umbrella Contract for the Provision of Drilling Fluids and Associated Services 2021
Malaysia Baker Hughes (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. SRS-QA19 (Drilling Fluids Chemicals) 2020
Malaysia E&P O&M Services Sdn. Bhd. Supply & deliver of Staircase Anti-Slip for FPSO Bertam 2019