Oil & Gas Services and Equipment Development Grant (OGSE DG)


Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC)


  1. To support the development of the OGSE companies in increasing their competitiveness in the industry
  2. To support new technologies or further develop existing technologies with robust innovation
  3. To support the development of new technologies or further develop existing technologies toward the creation of new businesses and generation of economic wealth for industry and nation
  4. To encourage local OGSE companies and inventors to capitalise their intellectual works through Intellectual Property (IP) filings/registrations, and acquisition
  5. To stimulate growth and increase the capability and capacity of Malaysian technology-based enterprises

Funding Amount

70%-30% matching grant and 70% portion  is up to RM250,000

Claim Method

One-off reimbursement

Purpose of Financing


  1. All Malaysian OGSE SMEs  with a minimum 51% equity held by Malaysian citizens
  2. All Malaysian OGSE MTCs  with a minimum 51% equity held by Malaysian citizens
  3. Minimum paid up capital in cash of RM10,000
  4. Company directors and project team members have NOT been convicted of an offence involving bribery, fraud or dishonesty
  5. Proposed project MUST contain elements of technology or innovation or export
  6. Company MUST show financial health and ‘fit’ for the programme

Scope of Funding

  1. Proof of Concept (POC) & Prototype Development
  2. To obtain International Standards/Certifications
  3. Sector-Specific Intelligence
  4. Intellectual Property (IP)
  5. Consultation
  6. Marketing and Promotion

Application Procedure

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Financing Centre Survey Form

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