MDV Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)


Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV)


Financing for capex/ working capital for SME Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) for retrofit projects with energy efficiency purposes.

Funding Amount

Minimum of RM1 million and maximum of financing up to 85% of contract value or total project cost whichever is lower subject to limit of RM30 million.

Purpose of Financing


• Public or private limited company incorporated in Malaysia
• Minimum paid-up share capital of RM100,000
• Minimum five (5) employees
• No restriction on foreign shareholding
• Viable technology project/ contract

Scope of Funding

• For single building or building complexes located in Malaysia.
• Projects must have Investment Grade Audit (IGA) by Suruhanjaya Tenaga (“ST”)-registered electrical energy manager) and effective Measurement & Verification plan and process.
• ESCO applicant must be ST-registered

Application Procedure

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