BNM Low Carbon Transition Facility (LCTF)


SME Bank


Encourage and support SMEs to adopt sustainable practices for business resilience.

Funding Amount

Up to RM 10 million

Purpose of Financing


SMEs in all sectors committed to transform towards low carbon and sustainable business operations, such as:

  • Purchase / use / rental / maintenance of green certified and sustainable premise / equipment / plant and machineries including energy appliances. renewable energy adoption and waste management technology.
  • Purchase of certified sustainable materials.
  • Hiring of consultant to advise on and expenses for transformation to sustainable business.
  • Expenses to obtain sustainability certification.
  • Sustainability-related training e.g. carbon accounting, sustainability reporting, etc.

Open to qualified SMEs that are classified as ‘Climate Supporting (C1)’ or ‘Transitioning (C2 & C3)’ as per SME Bank’s ESG Policy for Financing and Treasury Related Activities.

Application Procedure

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