Letter of Undertaking


Commerze Capital


Undertaking to pay supplier.

Funding Amount

Financing up to RM 500,000.

Claim Method

Funds disbursed to the applicant’s account.

Applications Document

  • Letter of Award / Surat Setuju Terima (SST) / Contract / Purchase Order from Contract Awarder.
  • NRIC of all Directors / Partners / Proprietor *All ICs to be cross out with “FOR COMMERZE CAPITAL USE ONLY"
  • Bank Statements for All Current Accounts – Last 6 Months
  • Latest 3 years Audited Financial Statements
  • Company Profile Including Company Group Structure and Organisation Chart
  • Credit Consent Form

Purpose of Financing


Company must be registered in Malaysia.

Company must possess a valid purchase order or contract from any of the following:

  • Government entities
  • Government-Linked Companies (GLCs)
  • Public Listed Companies (PLCs)
  • Multinational Corporations (MNCs)
  • Or other reputable corporations with comparable size and industry presence

Scope of Funding

Undertaking to pay supplier.

Application Procedure

Fill the form to get the application procedure link

Financing Centre Survey Form

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