Jumpstart Financing (JSF)


Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad (MIDF)


  1.  To support the continuity of businesses that have just emerged from the Covid-19 crisis, by meeting their financing requirements in conjunction with the reopening of the economy;
  2. To provide businesses with financing to jumpstart their businesses when the economy reopens or recovers on accommodative terms; and
  3.  To facilitate lending to businesses which would otherwise not be able to secure commercial loans due to their high credit risk.

Funding Amount

Minimum: RM50,000.00
Maximum: RM500,000.00

i. The maximum limit is per company
ii. Limit per Group of Related Companies is RM1,000,000.

Claim Method

Payment direct to applicants

Purpose of Financing


  1.  An SME or non-SME duly registered with SSM or Professional Regulatory Bodies;
  2. At least sixty per cent (60%) equity held by Malaysians;
  3.  An existing business whose during the pandemic (i.e. post March 2020) average monthly revenue over any 6-month period has fallen by at least 30% compared to its average monthly revenue during the 6-month period prior to the pandemic; OR
  4. The business was closed for a period or periods of 3 months in aggregate since 18 March 2020;
  5. The business is viable and the financing is meant to restart business.
  • Services sectors
    Priority to the sub-sectors that have been adversely impacted e.g., petrol stations, tourism which includes hotels, travel agents and transportation (express busses),construction etc.
  • Open to new customers and existing affected MIDF customers in this sector.

Scope of Funding

Working Capital 
i. Operational expenses or purchase of raw material/ consumable items;
ii. Any other short term expenses; and
iii. Legal Fee /Documentation fee and SJPP/CGC fee shall be deducted from financing amount.

Application Procedure

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Financing Centre Survey Form

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