MDV Venture Debt/Financing


Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV)


Targets high-growth, venture capital-backed, and innovative technology start-ups to scale up their business and accelerate value creation

Funding Amount

RM50 million per group company

Claim Method

Disbursement (DD) ratio 80/20 or 70/30 based on request Up to facility Limit Minimum DD amount of RM50,000 Progressive milestone

Purpose of Financing


• Public or private limited company incorporated in Malaysia
• Minimum paid-up share capital of RM100,000
• Minimum five (5) employees
• No restriction on foreign shareholding
• Viable technology project/ contract

Scope of Funding

Offers start-ups repayment schedules that are tailored to their business requirements and projections for young tech companies that are looking for financing options without incurring relatively heavier shareholding dilution from equity fundraisings or for companies that are seeking liquidity to bridge their operations until the next fundraising round

Application Procedure

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