National OGSE Industry Blueprint
2021- 2030

The National OGSE Blueprint (OGSE Blueprint) 2021-2030 was launched in April 2021 by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Economy) to develop a robust, resilient and globally-competitive Malaysian OGSE sector which contributes to the sustainable development of National priorities. 

The implementation and progress of the OGSE Blueprint is coordinated by Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC), an agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy tasked with advancing the OGSE sector.

A robust, resilient, and globally competitive Malaysian OGSE sector which contributes to the sustainable development of National priorities

Source : National OGSE Industry Blueprint 2021-2030

RM40 Billion - RM50 Billion

GDP Contribution

5 Companies

To be Incorporated in reputable sustainability indices


Industry’s Total Revenue

3X increase

In OGSE Patents


Skilled and Semi-Skilled Talents in 2030

25% Revenues

Outside Oil and Gas by 2030

70 Companies

Adopting and Reporting their Sustainability Practices

2% companies

Will be Listed on Malaysis’s Stock Exchange by 2030

31 recommendations have been identifieded to drive the OGSE industry

A. Industry-wide recommendations:
  1. Government point of contact for OGSE

  2. Industry consolidation

  3. OGSE industry data depository

  4. Industry-wide guidance on global OGSE trends and best practices

  5. OGSE Company recognition
B. Technology development recommendations:
  1. Applied R&D centres to bridge academia and industry
  2. R&D apprenticeship programme
  3. Secondment of local talent to foreign R&D centres
  4. Tech adoption financing, tax deductions, and tariff waivers
  5. Overseas researcher outreach programme
  6. In-shoring of R&D activities and high-value manufacturing from MNCs
  7. OGSE Intellectual Property (IP) marketplace
C. Talent development recommendations:
  1. Skilled worker retention programme
  2. OGSE career promotion
  3. Expansion of Engineering courses
  4. Expert mentorship from ex-OGSE talents
D. Export capabilities recommendations:
  1. Orchestration of consortiums for OGSE players, with the facilitation of seed financing
  2. Grants and/or tax breaks to OGSE segments that are nearly export-ready
  3. Mitigation of export risk through debt collection, export risk insurance and arbitration
  4. Engagements with foreign government / National Oil Corporations in high-potential markets
  5. Energy Export Fund
E. Financial strength recommendations:
Finance Levers
  1. OGSE financing Centre of Excellence
  2. Financial management workshops
  3. Alternative financing platform for OGSE
  4. Special growth facility for nascent adjacencies
F. Bumiputera participation recommendations:

1. Centralisation of OGSE Bumiputera assistance

Download below the “National OGSE Industry Blueprint 2021-2030” for more information on each initiatives